About HeyJanice

I am Avril Cummins.

I am a storyteller.

What is life but a living out of our own unique story? When we develop the voice to tell our stories, both we and others are validated.

Learning to meet each other face to face and connect over stories is fundamental to our being, and although this skill is quickly eroded by the increasing digitisation of our world, our need for it is not. We crave connection; we hunger for stories. Theatre is one of the most valuable modes of communication in a digital world. As a writer, actress and director, it is my passion to create moments of connection; create stories over which we can bond. I would love to tell you my stories, and help you to find and tell yours.

I am a teacher and coach

I feel strongly that every person, big or small, can grow tremendously through
developing theatre and storytelling skills. I am passionate about mentoring
both individuals and groups in:

Finding the magical power of your voice, the power that makes people sit up and listen realizing your own astounding power as an individual.

Discovering a you which you had forgotten about, or consciously ignored.

Becoming able to craft a new reality for yourself

HeyJanice Productions is my brainchild.

Under this banner I write, produce, act, direct, and collaborate.

Under this banner I teach, coach, empower, shake things up, and launch people into new and better places in their lives.

‘HeyJanice’ is synonymous with: professionalism, efficiency, ‘outside the box thinking’, and finding humour and joie de vivre in the working world.

But why ‘HeyJanice’? You ask.

Back in University, Reebok’s Terry Tate advertisement captured my imagination. My friends and I watched the advert on repeat, in tears of laughter. Out of this came my University nickname, Janice, and ultimately HeyJanice Productions. Watch the Reebok advert yourself, and see if you can spot Janice.