Your story

Your story

Hi, I’m Avril.

HeyJanice Productions is my brainchild.

Under this banner I write, produce, act, direct, and collaborate.

Under this banner I teach, coach, empower, make magic, shake things up, and launch people into new and better places in their lives.

‘HeyJanice’ is synonymous with: professionalism, efficiency, ‘outside the box thinking’, and finding humour and joie de vivre in the working world.

…But why “HeyJanice”?

Back in University, Reebok’s Terry Tate advertisement captured my imagination. My friends and I watched the advert on repeat, in tears of laughter. Out of this came my University nickname, Janice, and ultimately HeyJanice Productions. Watch the Reebok advert yourself, and see if you can spot Janice.

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