I have written and performed many one-woman shows,
some for big people and some for small people. 


Bucket List (a show for big people)

Nora is a wash-out; stuck in a rut in her life. She is shaken by the revelation that she has only thirteen days left to live, and begins a journey of self-discovery and self-liberation. Audience members’ bucket list suggestions are incorporated into Nora’s unfolding bucket list in an improvised section of the show!

60 minutes; suitable for ages 10 upwards.

Village Tales (a show in the making, for big people)

Meet Meringue de Kok. She’s here to tell you about – well, everything. And everyone. Because in this klein dorpie, nobody’s business is everyone’s business. Premiering at the 2018 Bosman Weekend in die Groot Marico!

40 minutes; suitable for ages 10 upwards.

Granny Susan Incredible

Granny Susan is pretty well your average granny. She drinks tea, knits jerseys, dances to the radio and saves the world. Yes, she is a superhero with powers to wow, and she uses these powers to fight bullying, loneliness, fear, self-doubt and many other issues. Call her up and she’ll come right over – as soon as she can find her glasses…

45 minutes; suitable for ages 3–9.

Veronica’s Monster

Five-year-old Veronica has a terrifying problem: there’s a monster under her bed. She can’t sleep a wink and starts getting teased for falling asleep at school. She decides to take matters into her own hands and face her fears, and she learns that sometimes fear is just ignorance in disguise.

45 minutes; suitable for ages 3–9.

Tales My Cat Told Me (one rainy Saturday afternoon)

One rainy Saturday afternoon, Lucy is startled when her cat, Fluffy, can speak! He recounts the adventures of his previous eight lives, weaving together a collection of folk-tales and fables that feature cats. Each story is told using a different storytelling method: masks, Kamishibai picture-storytelling, shadow puppetry, and song.

45 minutes; suitable for ages 4–9.

The Cloud Catcher

Written by Richard Antrobus, starring Avril Cummins

Emily Jade is a visionary young girl whose community is in the grip of a terrible drought. She boldly defies the pessimists around her to find a solution. This beautiful production will captivate audience members of all ages. The show is socially relevant and will be part of the important and ongoing conversation with your learners about water conservation.

Featuring: visual projection, audio soundtrack, live performance.

40 minutes, suitable for ages 3–12.