School workshops and other services

Dear Teachers,

As an ex-teacher myself, I know exactly how busy you are. How busy you always are. Let me help you to keep your content fresh and your learners engaged. Keep the magic in your classroom alive with a little help from HeyJanice Productions.

I could:

Put on a play for your learners

I will even develop CAPS-compliant task booklets for each play.


140 learners or fewer @ R2000 (flat rate);

141 learners or more @ R15 per learner

Add an enrichment booklet for R5 per learner (excluding photocopying)

Add a workshop for a discounted workshop rate

See My Work to choose an age-appropriate play for your learners, and get in touch to see how we can weave it creatively and cohesively into the syllabus.

Or I could:

Assist with your school production, wherever you need help!

Writing a tailor-made script for you

Props/costume sourcing or making, and set building

Directing, assistant directing or stage managing

Or I could:

Run a workshop for the kids! (Max 30 per workshop)


R400 per 60min workshop /R550 per 90min workshop / R700 per 120min workshop

30% discount on workshop fee if you book a play as well

Any of these workshops can be extended into a series leading up to an assessment.

Improv (60 minutes)

Great for team-building and development of self-confidence

Puppet-Making (120 minutes)

NB: additional materials cost of R10 per person

A brief introduction to various puppet types, then learners make their own puppets.

Add a story-writing/storytelling task for a combined assessment (Drama/English/Art)

Creative Writing (5 x 60 minute sessions)

Learners are coached and mentored through an intensive process of writing, in a medium of their choice (play-let, short story, flash-fiction, poetry or song collection)

History of English blitz (2 x 60 minute interactive workshops)

Invasions, battles, kings and vocab swapping – not even you knew prefixes and suffixes could be this fun.

English setwork workshops (60 minutes x as many lessons as we agree on)

Name your setwork, and I will develop a way to enrich learners’ reading experience!

Improvisation and Commedia Dell’Arte (4 or 5 x 60 minute sessions)

Learners gain an immersive experience in 15th Century Italy. Become familiar with the stock characters of Commedia Dell’Arte. Gr 10 Drama prac assessment: done!

Grotowski and Poor Theatre (6 x 60 minute sessions)

A thorough, practical experience of Grotowski’s philosophies and their ability to unlock physical, vocal and emotional blocks. Gr 11 Drama prac assessment: done!

Brecht and Epic Theatre (4 x 60 minute sessions)

An immersive experience of Brecht’s theatrical philosophies. Learners devise a piece to puts Brecht’s ideas into practice. Matric Drama portfolio task: done!